Web Design Colorado Springs

Web Design Colorado Springs

Let’s be honest, there are a lot of websites online; the good, the bad and the ugly. That means yes there are some flat out poor websites, bad designs and overall frustrating experiences for potential clients or customers. Thankfully that’s where good SEO and web design, from local agencies like Digital Uptrend, come in!

In Colorado Springs there are a lot of competitive and capable businesses starting up and sticking around; creating a dynamic competition for local searches. That means when people from the area go to Google and start to search for local products or services the top ranking websites will be the ones shown and most likely to intrigue and bring in future clientele.

How they begin to get there is through SEO related web design.

The Importance of Colorado Springs Web Design SEO for Your Business

SEO is critical to the success of any Colorado Springs’ business, especially one that operates online or has an online presence. Even though SEO is important it must be built into the web design process, so this makes the web design aspect just as crucial.

Your business’s website is the center of your marketing world, digitally. Often many businesses starting out or lacking in marketing knowledge think that a good looking website is enough, however, that most definitely is not the case.

Don't Let Your Business Get Left Behind

Especially if you are a business looking to expand or already have multiple locations, local SEO is a crucial aspect of marketing for your business.
Although many standard practices for OSR, organic search ranking, also apply to results locally, it's critical to follow the right practice for ranking specifically in the local area. If you are a business in Colorado Springs then you will want to make sure every single page on your website has something reflecting the area. You can do this through business information, keyword choices and other factors. If you have a blog on your website you will also want to optimize the blogs for local results as well. The question most have is why is this type of SEO, search engine optimization, so important for local businesses?

What Is A Local Search?

Over 75% of people will never scroll past the first page while looking on search engines and if you don't have web design done incorporating SEO you will be sure to be lost in the sea of search results. It’s like putting yourself in a race with a 30lb ball chained to your ankle; you are not going to go far and you most certainly won’t come in first. 

What is an SEO Friendly Site and How To Develop It

One of the top functions for an SEO website is to help the search engines read and explore pages. Making sure that search engines can easily understand and crawl your business’s content is the first step in becoming more visible on search engine result pages (SERPS),

These search engines use web crawlers to go over various websites making sure they have relevant content and easy to navigate web design when indexing information in the database. Through this process we learn that we don't work against the search engines but with them. 

Sites that are SEO-friendly need strategic planning and an organized approach to represent the services or products you provide and most importantly your business’s brand. For businesses in Colorado Springs and anywhere else, this can be complex —

SEO friendly web design is an important marketing tool especially if its built upon a solid digital marketing plan with value proposition and a clear business model. Below we have put together a list of the basic fundamentals of an SEO friendly website; on-page and off-page optimization. 

On-Page Optimization

The on-page optimization is the part of the SEO strategies that have the website owner in control. These onpage strategies play an important role in how the search engines understand the content on your website.

Some of these strategies include:
  • Keyword Research, where you have to choose the right keywords and topics through research and tools
  • Effectively using image alt tags, header tags, title tags and the meta description tag.
  • Developing responsive website design that provides a great experience across devices
  • Developing navigation, an internal link structure
  • Creating content that is valuable enough to create inbound links during off-page optimization strategies
  • Using various types of content; lists, images, videos and text
  • URL structures will need to be developed
  • Creating a website that represents your brand, visually appealing with consistency

Off-Page Optimization

Off-page optimization is associated with the management of executing marketing and amplification of a site. Through this management you are able to get results such as social media mentions and earning links which will in turn increase domain authority. This all results in the increased amount of organic traffic and SEO rankings. Specifically here are a few Off-Page Techniques:

  • Analyze and Research competition in order to understand what strategies are working and helping rank in the search results
  • Getting authoritative sites to give inbound links to your site
  • Using anchor text that is rich in keywords in your inbound links
Although these are some crucial functions of an SEO friendly web design there are always more that can be included. In this article we hope to help businesses in Colorado Springs understand not only the importance of web design but of an optimized site as well. It is crucial that to be successful with your business and come out on top of the search results that your business has to have qualified SEO strategies and knowledge. Digital Uptrend offers the most qualified Colorado Springs web design and SEO skills around, so if this all seems a little overwhelming to do on your own make sure to give us a call today! (719) 249-7470

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